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How To Make AI Marketing Initiatives Actually Deliver

  • 6 mths ago

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, there’s something big that I’ve learned: You’ve got to take an "all-of-the-above" approach. What I mean is that AI typically can help marketers in three ways: improving decision-making, systems and broader transformation. But marketers only tackle one or two at a time. It’s when you do all three at once that AI can really pay off. That can be hard (AI is hard) but the results can be magnificent

AI In Marketing

As a CMO who works hard to keep up with the latest MarTech developments, I see three main ways to use AI. The first is to make better decisions. Trying to decide on channels? How much to invest in a campaign? Which demographics to target? AI can ingest the relevant data and then produce forecasts and analyses to help you make the right choice.

The second way is to allow AI to simplify your everyday tasks for you or help you do them better. Is your team tired of putting together reports? Let a data-AI pipeline do the work, with real-time results and analysis. Are creatives spending time searching for information or just figuring out what they need to do next? Allow AI to organize their workflow and desktop.

The third way is to make digital transformation come to life. Do you want a marketing function of the future that constantly iterates campaigns as data comes in by forming, dispersing and reforming as challenges arise? You’ll need AI (supported by cloud and data) to make it happen.

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