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  1. Estelle Johannes


    Thank you, Joseph - very interesting input that I think should be shared and practised.
  2. Estelle Johannes

    18 April, 2023 | CompTIA Partners and UK&I Community Meeting

    This meeting is open to all training partners and technology professionals The day is divided into two distinct parts, with the morning dedicated to training partners and the afternoon focuses on best practices and leadership within the CompTIA Community. Throughout the day, attendees will have...
  3. Estelle Johannes

    The Benelux Community Meeting 15th February in Utrecht

    Join the Benelux Community meeting in Utrecht for a unique opportunity to connect with industry peers and gain valuable insights on the latest trends and best practices. This meeting is designed to bring together technology companies for open discussion and collaboration, focusing on thought...
  4. Estelle Johannes

    7 things that helped me & my business!

    I have been catching up with MSP owner Amanda Stewart.  Amanda Stewart has worked in IT for 30 years.  She has worked in the accountancy and legal industry as IT Manager, before moving into the MSP sphere in the early 2000’s.  When her first child was 6 months old, she started up Illuminate...
  5. Estelle Johannes

    Friday Check-in with leadership

    We have business owner, volunteer, multi award winning, inspiring industry leader Tracy Pound, sharing her expertise at the next Friday Check-In with Leadership; How to manage and motivate remote teams.
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    Friday Check-in with Legal

    COVID-19 is having a massive impact on the world, including how we interact and do business. We want to ensure the tech industry is up to date in order to keep your business and your clients’ businesses running as smoothly as possible. Every Friday, for the next few weeks, we will be hosting...
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    How will business contracts be affected by COVID-19?

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