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    Securing States: Modernizing to Attract & Retain Cyber Talent

    This publication is a culmination of a partnership between the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) and the National Governors Association, which started in 2022, to assist states in identifying the concrete actions they can take now to bridge the cybersecurity workforce gap. Read More...
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    Every voice matters in the City of Seattle’s 2023 Technology Access Survey

    The City of Seattle is gathering information from the community to better understand residents' access and use of technology and internet services, barriers to use, and the support needed to help ensure all residents have the same opportunities. The Technology Access and Adoption Study helps...
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    Cloud services: A cloudy forecast for state and local governments

    Cloud services continues to grow exponentially making it flourish into a multi-billion-dollar industry. According to a survey by Synergy Research Group, the global cloud infrastructure services market grew by 35 percent in 2020, with the top five cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft...
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    How the City of Spokane Uses LPR Technology for Parking

    License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, which utilizes cameras and software to read license plates, has been used since the late ’70s in the United Kingdom. Many municipalities began using it in the ’90s. LPR technology is used by multiple departments at the City in varying ways. Parking...
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    Mayor Duggan announces new Digital Equity Director to lead Detroit’s fight to close the Digital Divide

    Mayor Mike Duggan today announced the appointment of Christine Burkette as the city’s new Digital Equity Director. Burkette, a Detroit native and IT company CEO, is excited to use her experience to continue the work of closing the digital divide in her hometown from the inside out. “Detroit has...
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    A conversation with Eddie Dinkins, IT Director of Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.

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    Toronto to remove, block TikTok on city-issued devices

    The City of Toronto says it will be removing TikTok from approximately 350 City-issued devices that it has been downloaded onto. In a statement issued Friday afternoon, the City said it will also be blocking the app from being downloaded on City-issued devices in the future. The City said the...
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    Mayor Adams Celebrates 20 Years of NYC311 With Release of State of 311 Report

    New York City Mayor Eric Adams today celebrated the 20th anniversary of the launch of New York City's 311 service, the platform that provides New Yorkers seeking information and assistance from the city agencies direct answers and support to their needs. Since it launched in March 2003, 311 has...
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    Fact or Fallacy: Digital Workplaces Involve Far More Than Purchasing Solutions

    A digital workplace is a virtual counterpart to the physical workplace, where employees can collaborate and use various tools to complete their day-to-day tasks. Digital workplaces have gained momentum since the start of the pandemic as organizations moved to remote and hybrid work. State and...
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    City council delays vote on LAPD robot dog to explore capabilities and criticisms

    LOS ANGELES — After a lengthy debate, Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian postponed a contentious vote Tuesday on whether to accept the donation of a nearly $280,000 dog-like robot for the LAPD. "I'd like when it comes back to have the policies that are currently in place before...
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    Canadian Security Intelligence Service warns 'smart city' technology can open door to attacks, foreign interference

    OTTAWA - Canada's intelligence service warns that technological innovations adopted by municipalities could be exploited by adversaries such as the Chinese government to harvest sensitive data, target diaspora communities and interfere in elections. A newly released report by the Canadian...
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    Acting national cyber director offers new details on upcoming cyber workforce strategy

    The forthcoming plan is meant to accompany an overarching cyber strategy released last week that industry groups and cybersecurity experts said would be challenging to implement given the nation’s cyber workforce woes. Read More...
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    San Diego police bid to reinstate smart streetlights

    Over two years since San Diego cut off access to data from its smart streetlights, the police department has announced that it is holding community meetings to gather feedback on a proposal to reinstate some streetlights. The department also wants to add automated licence plate recognition...
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    ‘Smart city’ leaders urged to weigh innovation against privacy risks

    Smart city technologies have the potential to improve residents’ lives, but these benefits can only be reaped if public trust is maintained, says a new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. The report, published by the nonprofit think tank on Monday, recommends that...
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    San Diego Regional Cyber Lab Launches to Bolster Cybersecurity Defenses Locally

    With cybersecurity concerns on the rise following several major ransomware attacks nationwide, the City of San Diego has launched the San Diego Regional Cyber Lab to help local agencies prevent and protect against cyberattacks. The Cyber Lab serves as a regional resource for small businesses...
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    Anchorage Assembly member wants to ban the city from using of facial recognition technology

    An Anchorage Assembly member wants to ban the use of facial recognition technology by the city government. East Anchorage Assembly member Joey Sweet is drafting the proposal. He said during a Public Safety Committee meeting Wednesday that while the city doesn’t use the technology yet — and...
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    Solano County launches emergency evacuation zone technology

    The Solano County Office of Emergency Services has launched the “Know Your Zone” campaign to better prepare residents and businesses in all seven Solano County cities for emergencies and evacuations. Residents can enter their address into an interactive map on Zonehaven AWARE, which will open a...
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    Boulder County buys phone-hacking tech using money meant to treat, prevent drug addiction

    Last month, Boulder County spent the first of what it hopes will be millions of dollars for the treatment and prevention of drug addiction, courtesy of lawsuits against the drug manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies that helped fuel America’s opioid epidemic. Among the spending was money...
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    Lancaster County Announces Ban of TikTok and Apps that Threaten Security

    On Monday, February 27th, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania announced the countywide ban of TikTok and other malicious cyber based systems on all County devices. Read the County Press Release:
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    Agencies Embrace Modern Workspace Management for Distributed Workforces

    State and local IT administrators manage devices that give employees everything they need to do their jobs. Read More: